Leveling 1-90 easily using state of the art behaviors. Use the behaviors that come with the program or make your own! Our forums have many to choose from.

100% Passive botting. Shadow Bot is completely passive, it does no memory writing, and does not use injection to interface with world of warcraft.

Professions are no longer a pain to max out. With the ability to gather the required materials maxing a profession is much easier.

Behaviors do not need to be edited or tweaked! Based on your toon's spec, Shadow Bot will determine what spells to cast automatically!

No PROGRAMMING required! If you can click a few buttons then you are good to go!

PvP with our latest battleground technology. Blow the competition away before they see whats coming!

Grinding reputation with factions is no longer a nightmare! Create custom routes that do this for you.

Questing MoP dailies and 1-90 (currently in alpha).

The possibilities are limitless. With the potential for any number of additional plugins, you will always have access to the latest and greatest!

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