Bot Safety

No Injection = Low risk

The majority of public bots on the market today use one form or another of injection or memory writing. Injection simply stated is a software program changing values in the games memory to achieve an action (for example; if you want to click on an item, you would 'tell' the game that you clicked on the item by calling functions in world of warcraft).

The developers of Shadow Bot spent YEARS on a non injection method of instructing a character to complete every possible task WITHOUT using injection or memory writing! While the everyday bot programmer would think of this to be a huge waste of time & resources (it is MUCH more work). We feel that keeping your game from crashing and your account from being banned was worth the wait!

We recognize that Blizzard Entertainment is opposed to the use of bot programs and does not authorize them in the TOS/EULA. It is our position, however, that Blizzard has no right to control add-on software programs that third-party software developers create or sell and that we have every right to offer our program for sale. With that being said, we have no control over Blizzard's desire to rid its gaming environment of bot programs. By using our software, it is possible that Blizzard could ban your account and cite the language of its TOS and EULA as the reason for the ban. You should be aware that by using our software, Blizzard could take action against you for what it considers to be a breach of its contracts and that the risk of this happening is entirely on you the purchaser. If you are concerned about the possibility of being banned or being accused of violating Blizzard's contracts, you should not purchase or use our software.